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Love Sober: Mentoring and Life Coaching


Introductory Mentoring package: If you are starting your sober journey our intensive support package can support you in your first 6 weeks. Cost : £249 for six weeks.

What you get:

• weekly half-hour mentoring call

• Love Sober 30 day Essential toolkit email course.

• Access to Love Sober Community for peer support

Ongoing mentoring sessions £45 per half hour session


An in-depth, holistic overhaul of your life to blast away road blocks, limiting beliefs and help you align with you values, get clear on your ‘why’, support you pivot or balance your busy life to thrive in your sobriety long-term. 1 hour session £75.

Your Coaches:

Kate Baily, BA (Hons), PGCE, CAPPD, SRDP.

Kate is a sobriety mentor and life coach focused on early intervention and aftercare by using a blend of coaching, positive psychology and evidence-based practices from the Science of Happiness.

She coaches women to recover balance and wellbeing, find their ‘why’ and thrive in their lives. Kate believes we find individual and holistic pathways to recovery by asking the right questions about what we really need. She is a mother of two and works internationally and online.  Kate is also an author and the Co-founder of Love Sober and the Love Sober Podcast and works to raise awareness about mental illness and substance use disorders and the female experience.

Kate was shortlisted for Best Newcomer of the Year Award and was one of three finalists in The Coaching Academy International Coaching Awards 2019.

‘I am a SHE RECOVERS® Coach, which means that I am trained in and my work aligns with the SHE RECOVERS® Intentions & Guiding Principles.

What people are saying:

Kate has helped me find my voice and believe I have the right to strive for happiness in all areas of my life.  When you have grown up in an environment full of conflict, unhappiness and heart ache your blue print for life can be quite distorted. Kate brought great observational tools, practical processes, huge understanding and her own personal warmth and humour that has made my sessions the highlight of my week.  With her guidance I’ve learnt to understand my motivations and barrier and redefine my life.
I was unhappy and unheard and I didn’t believe I deserved more.  Kate gently but thoroughly  explored this with me to define goals and put day to day practical processes in place as well as creating time to reflect and review, which has been transformative.
It is only once you’ve been through an experience like this, with a fantastic coach, that you can truly appreciate it’s value.  I evangelise about this experience to all my friends. If I could, I would make it mandatory for everyone to experience coaching and have the opportunity to discover their true potential. 

Sarah, UK. ( Year 2)

‘Kate taught me everything I know about self care in my first year of sobriety. I cannot recommend her highly enough’  

Julia, Manchester (Year 3)

 ‘Kate’s help has been invaluable in helping me get unstuck. With her help I soon realised I could break down goals into small steps and because of her coaching input I have just enrolled on a brand new course and learned to keep moving towards my goals despite my busy life and renew my sober vigour’

Jeanne, Kent. ( Long-term sober) 

The Coaching Academy is the world’s number one coach training facility. I hold a Level 5 Diploma in Personal Performance.  The Coaching academy is accredited by Association for Coaching, ICF, EMCC, BACP Coaching, CPD Standards Office.

Mandy Manners, BA (Hons), CELTA, CPC, CPRC, SRCD

Mandy is a mindset and recovery coach, with a specialisation in addiction recovery. Focused on early intervention and long term personal growth for clients.

She coaches women to harness their decision to go sober to pivot from surviving to thriving in all areas of their lives. Mandy believes in people creating  their own individual, holistic pathways to recovery by asking themselves the right questions about what they really need. A mother of two, fluent in both English and French she works internationally and online.  Mandy is also a writer and the Co-founder of Love Sober and the Love Sober Podcast and works to raise awareness and to destigmatise experiences of trauma, mental illness and substance use disorders.

Mandy has a professional background as a University professor teaching business English and skills with a focus on public speaking, negotiation, persuasive writing and speaking, she has worked in Event Management and Arts Marketing and has written numerous courses both interactive and online for students.

Both Kate and Mandy are She Recovers Designated coaches.

SHE RECOVERS® is an international movement of self-identified women in or seeking recovery from a wide variety of issues, including substance use and eating disorders, other behavioral health issues, trauma, abuse, codependency, cancer, grief, low self-esteem, perfectionism and other life challenges.

NB. If you are in active addiction you should always seek medical advice and support. Coaching at this point may not be the most appropriate intervention for you. For more information about services that may be available to you please visit

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