Love Sober 30 Day Essential Tool Kit Email Course

30 Days of Sober Inspiration and Support for DRY JANUARY

How it works: Each day you get an email with a sober tool, tip, evidence -based practice to help habit change to help you start your alcohol free journey. By staying focussed and working one day at a time with a POSITIVE focus you can enjoy the process of being alcohol free.

Your journey

We will help to guide you from your first day with practical tips and tasks. As you work through our day-by-day course you will gain the confidence that you can take on every day sober.

We will look at triggers, internal conversations, positive strategies and the science behind building a HAPPY ALCOHOL-FREE YOU and get you through those first weeks.

We explore the deeper work of sobriety, looking at scientifically proven methods of boosting happiness and wellbeing: gratitude, self-compassion, mindfulness, awe, play, flow, connection and more.

We get sober • We stay sober • Because we love sober

  • Are you sick of thinking about drinking?
  • Have you tried to cut down or stop drinking and just can’t make it stick?
  • Does the thought of not drinking make you feel deprived, stressed, anxious, bored?  
  • Do you want to be happier, healthier, feel inspired?
  • Do you want to learn to love being sober?

Then this course is for you! 

You’ve made an amazing choice to explore your sobriety and if this is your first step then well done! Our sober journey has empowered and liberated us and we would love to help you on your own personal journey too.

Our Love Sober 30 Day Essential Toolkit  is designed to support. With tips, tools, exercises and daily coaching emails we support your first sober month. We combine traditional coaching techniques with The Science of Happiness strategies to boost wellbeing. Our experiences and learning around being happily sober help you debunk myths, reframe sobriety, navigate triggers and create a happier, healthier you.

Start your sober journey with 30 days of emails and support for £69 here – or find out more below

Who is the Love Sober 30 Day Essential Tool kit  for?

  • The sober curious : You would like to try a longer period of sobriety and are interested in how to do it. This course is packed with tips, tool and resources to inform and support an alcohol free month.
  • The Early sober : If you are in your first few months of sobriety and want access to a wealth of materials and strategies to support then this is for you.
  • Old Timers : With the best will in the world we can get sobriety fatigue along the line. Life events , changing roles and just the passing of time can leave us flat and when the Fade Affect Bias happens, the beer goggles or wine shades can come back on , leaving us wondering if it’s all worth it. The news is IT IS! And the 30 Day Sober Super Power course can give you your sober mojo back.

30 days of emails and support for £69, your sober journey starts here

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Please note that is a program to support your sober journey. It is not a replacement for therapeutic or medical intervention. Please always seek advice from your doctor or healthcare provider.

We have been studying, researching, blogging and podcasting about our sober journeys for over 7 years, speaking to many inspiring women from all paths of life and know firsthand how life doesn’t always make it easy to take control, but we did and so can you!

Kate’s experience with many clients as a Life Coach (Coaching Academy and She Recovers qualified) inspired her to build an affordable and accessible course of established techniques to work through your first 30 days of sobriety, enabling you to create valuable self-care practices, set goals and take control.

Full of resources, tips, inspiration and guided tasks our 30 day course has helped many women already and can help you too.

xKate & Mandy

What people are saying:

” What an amazing support system for my first 30 days of sobriety!  I love waking up every morning with a new thought or reflection awaiting me. I have made it the 30 days, and intend to do at least 100, but have a feeling now I might be able to make this a forever change for me.  I have argued with myself for 30 years about the place alcohol holds in my life, and whether it deserves even the smallest amount of energy.  I found that it was taking up a large amount of my brain space….so many questions and inner conflicts surrounding it constantly.  But then in the NOT drinking, comes all the insecurities, the self-consciousness, the doubt, the “am I enough” question, and the awkwardness. Each day I have woken to a little gem of a message to reflect upon, often the exact thing I might need to hear at that very moment.  I have found strength, encouragement, and compassion through your voice, Kate.  What a gift to be able to share at such a sensitive and fragile time in my life, as well as all the others you are helping.  Thank you for sharing this, and thank you for helping me succeed in this first 30, and for helping me build a stronger foundation to grow from moving forward.  I am so grateful to you! “
Melissa Athens GA

Love Sober Life Coaching

Kate offers one-on-one life coaching, specialising in mindset, balance and sobriety. To find out more or join her waiting list see our Love Sober coaching page. Kate has helped many clients define their goals and develop their personal and work lives with her knowledge of The Science of Happiness, traditional coaching methods and bespoke sobriety coaching.