Love Sober Community

What is Love Sober Community?

Love Sober Community is a free Facebook group, an online cafe if you like, where we meet. In our minds it has virtual comfy sofas and great coffee (or tea) ! It’s a space for conversation and support to help you through the tough times and to celebrate the good times, triumphs and sober firsts.

We know we are stronger together and that community, empathy, self compassion and a toolkit to manage our lives and wellbeing are the building blocks of happy sober living and we are truly delighted to invite you to join us.


  • You want to stop drinking and need support and the company of like-minded people.
  • You are sobercurious and want to make a great positive choice for your health and happiness by booting out the booze.
  • You are further on your alcohol free path and want to engage in self-enquiry exercises with a wellness focus or other topics that feed into parenting, mental health and balance in our busy lives.
  • You want to live an empowered life getting to grips with your needs and bossing your own game.
  • You want to rant a bit, you love the chat, you love to support or just hang out in a friendly supportive community of sober sisters.