Love Sober 30 Day Essential Tool Kit

Are you sober or sober curious? Sign up for our 30 day course of sober tips, tools, resources, pep talks, life hacks and mantras to boss where you are at. Whether you want to give sobriety a road test or get back on track, manage sobriety fatigue or build the next steps in your awesome alcohol free life the Essential Tool Kit can help you LOVE SOBER.

With an innovative approach combining the Science of Happiness with coaching techniques plus tools from our own journeys, we will show you that living alcohol free is not only possible but fun too. Let's thrive not just survive! If you like the podcast you're going to LOVE the Love Sober Essential Toolkit Email Course!

£69 for 30 days of inspo and tried and tested strategies. The future is bright, you'd better wear shades!


Building blocks

The building blocks to get a positive mental attitude in place, boost your confidence and get clear on your inner addictive voice and road blocks. Design the alcohol-free you in accordance with your values and beliefs.

Dispelling myths and limiting beliefs

Dispel any myths about missing out with facts about neuroscience and keep you ticking over with sober treats as you navigate wine o'clock.

Strategies and Science

Delving deeper into what is making us tick, we deal with the inner critic and practice the vital art of self-compassion along with scientifically proven strategies to boost wellbeing and help resilience.

Love Sober

Love Sober

At Love Sober we are passionate advocates of alcohol free living to support mental health and well-being.

We work with women like you to feel empowered by your choice to stop drinking and pivot from surviving to thriving in your busy lives, using a unique holistic coaching approach for growth, change and mastering self care, with our B.A.L.A.N.C.E program.

Love Sober hosts the Love Sober Community on Facebook, offers 1-1 coaching, the 30 day kickstarter email course, bespoke workshops and talks and the Love Sober Podcast.

Kate and Mandy are currently writing their first personal development book Love Yourself Sober: A Self Care Guide to Alcohol Free Living for Busy Mothers, to be released in September 2020 by Trigger Publishing, an independent publishers specialising in mental health and wellbeing titles.

And we have much more to come! We look forward to welcoming you as part of our community. Kate & Mandy x

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